Hindustani Bhau ne Ekta Kapoor par kiya Complaint File

  • June 02, 2020

Hindustani Bhau ne Ekta Kapoor par kiya Complaint File 

Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Hindustani Bhau ne Producer Ekta Ravi Kapoor Ke Khilaaf Khar Police Station mai Complaint File ki hai  

Darasal Hindustani Bhau ka Aarop hai ki Alt Balaji ki Ek Web Series XXX2 mai Lady apne Husband ka Uniform Pehenti hai 

Aur Isse Hamare Indian Soldiers ki mazak bana rakhi hai 

Our Army is our Pride and The Women indulges in Sexual Act with a Man , who wears her Husband's  Uniform .This is Shameful as they have made a joke of our soldiers Said Hindustani Bhau 


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Comments (2)

  • - Razor

    This guy is being really petty. No wonder he is a total none entity.

  • - Nooruddin ansari

    papper is better

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